Kitchen Hours:
Monday, Wednesday and Thursday: 11:30AM-8PM
Tuesday: 4:00PM-8PM
Friday and Saturday: 11:30AM-9PM
Sunday 11:30AM-8PM


Basket of Fries
hand cut fries served with smoked ketchup – $6

Smoked Chicken Wings
a pound of wings with cultured carrots, blue cheese dressing and habanero hot sauce – $10.50

Fried Meatballs
pork and heart of palm meatballs wrapped in a wonton and served with sweet ginger sauce – $8

4 types your choice;
pulled pork and caramelized onions, sautéed vegetables, taco beef and cheese or chicken and marinated onions.
All served with shredded lettuce and sour cream – $10

Zucchini and Summer Squash Cakes
served with dill sour cream – $7

Ferment Sampler
ten pickles and ferments, chef’s choice – $12

house made tortilla chips, cheese, ground beef, candied jalapenos, marinated red onions and shredded lettuce – $14

Fermented Flight
3 of our changing ferments and pickles; you choose the adventure – $7

Soup of the Day
please ask your server.

Kimchi Fried Green Tomatoes
tempura battered and served with lemon aioli $8

Ferments $3

sauerkraut with caraway and celery seeds, napa kraut, ginger cultured carrots,
spicy kimchi, lacto jalapeno, jalapeno cultured carrots, lacto stems, spicy green beans,
mizuna kimchi, spicy green beans and carrots.

Pickles $3

pickled beets, quick cabbage, pickled jalapeno, pickled kohlrabi,
pickled summer squash and zucchini, bread and butter pickles, half sour dill pickles,
pickled pioppini mushrooms, giardiniera, miso cured cucumbers, freezer pickles.

Sides $4

side salad, smoked beans, hand-cut fries and mac and cheese, steamed vegetable,
roasted vegetables and sautéed greens.


Add Chicken – $5, Pulled Pork – $5, or Grilled Vegetable – $3

Burnt Salad #7
charred cabbage, roasted winter squash with herbal walnuts and roasted garlic oregano oil – $14

Pickled Salad #2
quick cabbage, pickled pioppini mushrooms, cultured carrots and lacto stems all over lettuce – $14

Kind of Classic Salad
lettuce, shredded carrots, marinated onions, half sour cucumbers and shredded cheese
with choice of dressing – $14

Home Made Dressings:
Blue cheese, sweet miso, buttermilk dill ranch, house vinaigrette, maple mustard and Italian.

Burgers and Sandwiches

Beef ground fresh daily and served with fries or your choice of side.

Nacho Burger
candied jalapenos with cheese sauce, lettuce and tortilla strips. – $13.50

Big Boy
macaroni and cheese, bacon, caramelized onions, smothered in cheese. -$16

Black and Blue
caramelized onions, blue cheese and bacon. – $13.50

BBQ Burger
bacon jam, caramelized onions, cranberry bbq sauce and cheddar. – $13.50

House made Veggie Burger
they change often so ask your server. – $13

Mushroom and Onion Burger
caramelized onions, mushrooms with Swiss cheese. – $13.50

Chicken Sandwich
aioli, marinated onions and lettuce. – $13

Kathy Bites 2.0
kimchi fried green tomatoes, lemon aioli and bacon jam. – $13.50

Porky’s Revenge
pulled pork, bacon, caramelized onions on a burger covered with
cranberry bbq sauce and smothered in cheese. – $16

Hot Ham Sandwich
house cured ham, Swiss cheese, aioli and Dijon mustard. – $13

Burger Of The Day
Ask your server for more information. – $13.50

Pulled Pork
with aioli and quick pickled slaw on a buttered bun. – $13

Blue-Chi Burger
kimchi, gochujang spread, blue cheese and mushrooms. – $13.50

Make Your Own Burger – $10 base

Bacon $3, Cheese (Swiss, cheddar or blue) $1.50, Caramelized Onions $1, Fried Egg $2, Candied Jalapenos $2,
Spicy Kimchi $3, Mushrooms $1, Mac and Cheese $3, Ham ½ order $3 Full order $6, Pickled Slaw
or any other ferment $3, Aioli 50¢, Spicy Aioli 50¢, BBQ Sauce 50¢, Vegan Aioli 50¢


Chicken Tenders and Fries

Kid’s Burger and Fries


Slice of Pie

Pie Alamode

Ice Cream Sundae

Scoop of Ice Cream

We will gladly split a plate for you but the charge is $2 an extra plate costs nothing.
The Rabbit Hole Restaurant is a “made from scratch kitchen” featuring dry aged steaks, fresh ground burgers and BBQ.

Farms We Work With:
Kitchen Garden, MX Morningstar Farm, PT Farms, Markristo Farm, Mycoterra Farm, Old Friend’s Farm, Plainville Farm,
Four Corner’s Farm, Sawyer Farm and Bob Dudas.
Please let us know if you grow or raise anything, we are always looking for closer regional goods!

Please inform your server of any allergies and consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs
may increase your risk of foodborne illness. Think about it.

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